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Luxury Lilies

A fabulous bouquet with nine stems of beautiful Asiatic Lilies in orange, yellow, white and pink.

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Graduation Flower Gift

This celebratory graduation gift features a gorgeous bouquet and a fun assortment of retro sweets.

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Peace Lily in Mini Crate

A beautiful Peace Lily plant with lovely white sail-like flowers, presented in a wooden mini crate.

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Fragrant Freesias

Send the sweet-smelling fragrance of 20 long-stemmed Dutch Freesia in mixed colours with greenery.

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Spring Tulips

A striking mix of 20 pastel coloured Tulips from Amsterdam, making a colourful spring display.

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Pink Cyclamen Planter

A beautifully understated flower planter featuring two pretty Cyclamen plants in dark & light pink.

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Freesias and Tulips

A wonderfully bright arrangement of white Freesia, eye-catching yellow Tulips and golden Grevilla leaf.

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Springtime Wishes

A pretty arrangement of purple Tulips and white Freesias to send this Spring.

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Happy Anniversary Gift

Lavender Freesias, mixed Spray Carnations with white Gypsophila and a miniature anniversary cake.

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Butterfly Birthday Gift

Yellow Freesias and mixed Carnations with jewelled butterfly picks and a chocolate birthday cake.

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Pink Lemonade

A pretty posy filled with pink & white Roses, white Freesias and pink Germini in a rattan frame.

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Cupcake Bouquet

A charming arrangement of pale pink Lilies, Germini, Chrysanthemums and Wax Flower.

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Iris and Freesias

A fragrant and colourful arrangement of blue and white Iris alongside sunny yellow Freesia.

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Happy Birthday Gift

Lavender Freesias, mixed coloured Spray Carnations with Gypsophila and a miniature Birthday cake.

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Sunshine Bouquet L

A beautiful bouquet with yellow Carnations, white Alstroemeria and yellow Solidago.

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Lemon Drizzle Large

Asiatic Lily feature alongside Spray Anastasia, yellow Germini, Alstroemeria and Solidago.

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Purple Anthurium in Crate

A unique purple Anthurium plant featuring exquisite flowers and displayed in a mini wooden crate.

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Birthday Azalea Gift

A beautiful pink Azalea plant in a vintage design zinc pot with a Happy Birthday iced fruit cake.

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Spring Flower Planter

A delightful seasonal planter featuring Peace Lily, Rose and Germini delivered in a charming grey basket.

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Special Bouquet Large

24 Pink and white long-lasting single Carnations with delicate Gypsophila. Guaranteed to last two weeks.

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Belle Jardiniere Planter

This gorgeous vintage flower planter features Rose, Kalanchoe, Ivy and Mini Palm.

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Berry Charm Large

A charming arrangement of Freesias and Spray Carnations in lavender, purple and white shades.

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