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Planting your Forget-Me-Not seeds

We hope you like your little gift and enjoy watching your Forget-Me-Nots grow.

Here you can find top tips on how to plant your seeds...

Growing Conditions:

Forget-Me-Nots grow best in moist, but well-drained soil – they typically prefer the shade but will grow well in sunnier, partially-shaded spots too!

When to plant your seeds:

You can sow your seeds directly into the garden after the danger of frost has passed – between late spring and late summer is best. 

When can I expect my seeds to flower?

You can expect to start seeing flowers next spring.

What you will need:

  • Your Forget-Me-Not seeds
  • Gardening gloves
  • A rake
  • A trowel
  • Hose or watering can 

How to plant your Forget-Me-Not seeds:

1.  Find a partially shaded spot in your garden where you wish for your Forget-Me-Nots to grow, be sure to remove weeds from this area with your trowel!

2.  Moisten the soil before planting with a little water.

3.  Next, you should rake the soil until it is a fine texture.

4.  Plant each seed about half a centimetre deep, and if planting multiple seeds, leave 15cm to 30cm between each one to allow for plenty of growing space.

5.  Once the seeds are in the soil, gently cover them over with approximately half a centimetre of soil.

Watch your Forget-Me-Nots grow and bloom…

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