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Making a Difference: Moringa Trees

Moringa trees are an amazing species of tree that grow naturally in many parts of the developing world. With many properties including nutritional, medicinal and anti-bacterial, it is said that these plants could alleviate world hunger!


Here are some of the health benefits the leaves of these incredible trees have to offer:

-              7 times the vitamin C of oranges

-              4 times the vitamin A of carrots

-              4 times the calcium of milk

-              3 times the potassium of bananas

-              2 times the protein of yoghurt


As a part of our Making a Difference campaign, we have been trialling the planting and use of Moringa trees in various ways in recent years. One of which is part of the preschool programme established by our partners at Vibitac in Kande, Malawi.

We have provided tree saplings to both teachers and parents at the local preschool in Kande. This provides them with an opportunity to grow and harvest Moringa trees, adding the leaves to their food – providing an abundance of nutrients from just one plant! If any leaves remain from the harvest, families will share these with the preschool, so they can be added to school meals.

The idea of this project is to benefit both children of the school and their families, ensuring they can get the most nutrition out of their meals, providing them with the energy to learn!

For more information on how your orders help to make a difference keep an eye out for more in our Making a Difference blog series.