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Only the best: Rhodos Red Roses

A little more about our Valentine’s Roses…

Here at Bunches, we take pride in selecting the best quality blooms for the best price, just for you. Which is why, when it comes to Valentine’s Roses we use the premium ‘Rhodos’ red Rose variety. 

Rhodos Roses are known for large flowering heads of over 5.5cm as well as an impressive stem length – we select a stem length of around 55cm! Don’t forget their deep, rich red colour too – they are guaranteed to make an impact for your loved one this Valentine’s day. 

Our Rhodos Roses are grown exclusively at Isinya farm in Kenya, where optimum growing conditions can be met all year round. They are Kenya’s leading growers and exporters of high-quality Roses. 

Isinya farm have also pledged their goal to become more ethically and socially responsible; supporting the public and providing them with both environmental and social protection. This is really important to us here, as you may know we are committed to making a difference, to both the world we live in and the people in it, and we always endeavour to work with flower farms who are conscious of their environmental impact. 

Take a peek at these gorgeous Rhodos Roses in some of our Valentine's bouquets here.

Look out for our red Rose specific flower food in your deliveries too!

Chrysal’s Rosa flower food boasts a 60% increase of the vase life of your Roses, enhanced colour and growth as well as maintaining leaf quality throughout their time spent in the vase.