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Making a Difference: The Story of Moses

As you may know, we are committed to Making a Difference. Each year we donate a minimum of 10% of our profits to charitable projects, both in the UK and abroad – every time you place your order with Bunches, you are part of something bigger. We work alongside our charity partner Links International, providing funds to help change lives, particularly in Malawi.

Here’s a little story of how together we have helped to make a difference...

We believe that sustainable freedom from poverty starts with a hand up, not a handout. One of the schemes we have actively supported is the Pamoza Project in Mzuzu. This project breeds pigs and provides females to those in need. Full training is provided, and the goal is for the recipients to breed pigs of their own. Back in 2014, we met a man named Moses, sadly he had grown up an orphan and was struggling to support his own family. He also happened to receive one of our first piglets.

When we returned in 2018, we had the chance to catch up with Moses – the piglet we had given to him had produced four litters, and as promised one female was returned to the original farm, meaning we can also help someone else. Thanks to this one little piglet, Moses was able to vastly improve his living standards, buy furniture and pay for his daughters’ education.

And the story doesn't end there...

Amazingly, Moses had one more surprise in store – he asked if we would like to see his latest investment... So, not only had he successfully started his own piggery, he had also built a shop, hairdressers and a new property! All from one little piggy.

Stories like this are why we believe Bunches is a blessing and not just a business.

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