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Making a Difference: Celebrating the Harvest Festival

At the heart of Bunches is a desire to deliver happiness and we believe business can and should have a positive impact. As you may know we have a personal commitment to Making a Difference and Harvest Festival is the perfect time to offer a helping hand to those in need, especially within your local community.

Traditionally, Harvest Festival is an annual celebration of a successful yield of crops from the local region, many of which are then gathered and feasted upon at churches as a part of the festivities. Today, we associate this time of year with collections of long-life foods at local schools, churches and community centres. These are then donated to members of the community in need, providing them with an abundance of long-lasting foods that can help them through the winter months. 

Here at Bunches, we have been inspired by these celebrations and as a part of our commitment to Making a Difference, we have provided our local food bank with a variety of tinned and dried foods, supporting our community. 

Did you know? 

There are over 2000 foodbanks across the UK.

The number of supplies distributed has risen by 73% in the past 5 years.

Many recipients are single parents with children.

Millions of food parcels were delivered between 2018 and 2019.

Bunches is a blessing, not just a business and you are a big part of this; without your orders none of the charity work we do would be possible, so thank you. 

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