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Keep the bees buzzing in your garden this summer

Beautiful, bright flowers and scores of busy, buzzing bees are a popular sight in our gardens during the summer months. 

Bees are important to our planet. They are important in maintaining a strong and healthy environment and also play a crucial role in pollinating not only one third of the food we eat but also food for animals too. Here in the UK our bees face many threats to their decline in numbers such as habitat loss, harmful pesticides and climate change. Without our bees, our world would be very different, and not for the better.

We can help save our bees by trying the following in our gardens:

1. Grow single-flowered plants rich in pollen and nectar. 

Some examples being:  sunflowers, lavender, honeysuckle, ivy, foxglove, hyacinth, crocus, sweet pea, asters, perennial wallflower and homegrown raspberries and strawberries.

2. Create a bee haven and/or hotel. 

Maintain a shallow container of water for drinking and add small stones for the bees to land on.

Leave a patch of the garden to grow wild to allow for nesting and shelter.

Buy a 'bee hotel' from your local garden centre or even have a go at making one yourself!

3. Avoid the use of pesticides in your garden.

Pesticides can also harm birds and other insects too!

Keep a look out...

Sometimes you may come across bees that are a little tired and in need of some TLC, follow these simple steps to help revive them: 

Mix one part water and two parts granulated sugar into a syrup and then place on a spoon or in a bottle cap for the bees to drink.  

To avoid the risk of spreading unfriendly spores between hives, never feed honey to bees.