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Hello Sweet Peas! Live life in full bloom...

We hope you love your Sweet Pea seeds and enjoy planting them and watching them bloom.

Here you can find our top tips on how to plant your Sweet Pea seeds.

Growing Conditions:

Sweet Peas prefer well drained soil and full sun.

When to plant your seeds:

You can plant your seeds indoors in the autumn and winter months to be moved outdoors in springtime, after the chance of frost has passed. Alternatively, you can plant your seeds directly into your garden between March and April.

When can I expect my seeds to flower:

Sweet Peas are an annual plant that will flower throughout the summer months. 

What you will need:

•  Your Sweet Pea seeds

•  A plant pot or container

•  A plastic bag or propagator

•  Trellis

How to grow your Sweet Peas:

1. In autumn, sow 3 seeds every 7.5cm at a depth of approximately 1cm in free-draining compost. Place in a propagator or seal the container inside a plastic bag at a temperature of between 20-25C until germination – this will take about 10-21 days!

2. Once your seeds have germinated, after the chance of a spring frost has passed, we recommend moving your Sweet Peas to the garden to acclimatise to outdoor conditions for a week or so. After this, you can plant your seeds in well-drained soil in a spot that catches the sun.

3. If you wish to plant your seeds directly into your garden, wait until March-April time, sow 3 seeds every 7.5cm at a depth of approximately 2.5cm.

4. Sweet Peas will need to be supported as they continue to grow outside, a trellis or similar will help them climb!

If you’d prefer, your Sweet Peas can also be planted in hanging baskets to decorate your garden beautifully.

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