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Bunches celebrates 30 years!

30 years of delivering happiness

We have been in the business of creating happiness; delivering flowers, hampers and gifts nationwide for 30 years.

We are still, to this day, a family run business and our goals have remained the same; to be there for you in life's most meaningful moments whilst making a positive difference to both the world we live in and the people in it.

Every order you have placed over the years has helped us reach this milestone and we would like to say a very big thank you for your continued support and loyalty.

Did you know?

•  In our first week we sent out 2 bouquets, we have since delivered over 10 million gifts… That’s a lot of happiness delivered!

  Over £1 million given to charity.

•  We started with 2 members of staff, founders Erik & Sandra Hoving. We now have 50 staff all working together under one roof.

•  Back in 1989 we sold only 4 bouquets and one add-on to accompany your bouquet. We now sell 218 gifts, including flowers, plants & hampers and have 43 extras that you can add to make your gift extra special!

A note from our founders:

“When we started Bunches 30 years ago, we wanted customer happiness to be central to everything we do; to send great value flowers that really lasted, with exceptional customer service as our standard. Thirty years later and delivering happiness is still at the heart of all we do; our flowers deliver so much joy, as do the profits that we have given since the beginning, to make a difference to those with less, has meant that we are also delivering happiness worldwide. We are proud of what we started and love that Bunches continues to grow and bring joy.”  

Here’s a little note from our partner Joe Gisby at Links International...

“We are so excited to be celebrating 30 years of Bunches. At Links International we believe in Partnership. We are so much stronger when we work together. Bunches have partnered with Links International for decades, investing into projects in countries from India, to Colombia and Malawi and many more. Their ongoing commitment to join with us to confront poverty and create potential has meant that countless lives have been changed and communities transformed by their investment. In as much as a purchase from Bunches, brings life, colour and joy into households across the country, Bunches are also ensuring that the same joy and colour is being brought into communities across the world. For us at Links International it is a privilege to be able to celebrate 30 years of Bunches not only standing with us in life’s meaningful moments, but also creating those moments for so many around the world. Happy Anniversary Bunches!”

Over the years, £1 million has been donated to charitable projects both in the UK and abroad. 

Here’s to another 30 years, thank you for being here to celebrate with us.