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Our stunning new range of tall, long-stemmed bouquets. These blooms are truly beautiful and stand up to 100cm tall. Delivered in custom boxes with their own vase, they're sure to create a striking impact in any home.
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Photograph of Simply Carnations

Simply Carnations

A beautiful collection of 16 long lasting Carnations in pastel colours.


Photograph of Oriental Orchids

Oriental Orchids

An exotic collection of delicate Dendrobium Orchids in vibrant fuchsia.


Photograph of Fragrant Freesias

Fragrant Freesias

20 sweet-smelling Dutch Freesia in mixed colours with greenery.


Photograph of 12 Red Roses

12 Red Roses

A dozen Upper Class red Roses with Ruscus leaves. The perfect gift to send with love.


Photograph of 24 Red Roses

24 Red Roses

Two dozen elegant luxury red Roses with Ruscus leaf greenery.


Photograph of Flowers for a Year

Flowers for a Year

Send a beautiful bouquet every month for a year and save on normal prices.


Photograph of Pink Confetti

Pink Confetti

A simple yet elegant collection of 15 long-lasting single Carnations in pink and cream.


Photograph of Simply Alstroemeria

Simply Alstroemeria

A great value selection of 12 Alstroemeria in two-tone pink and white.


Photograph of 12 Classic Carnations

12 Classic Carnations

12 long-lasting single Carnations in mixed colours. Guaranteed to last two weeks.


Photograph of Picasso


White Avalanche Roses, Moonlight Carnations and purple-centred Calla Lilies.


Photograph of Baby Girl Gift

Baby Girl Gift

Welcome the arrival of a baby girl with a beautiful bouquet, teddy and miniloon.


Photograph of Simply Pink Gift Bag

Simply Pink Gift Bag

A ready-to-display pink gift bag featuring pink Aqua Roses, Germini and Carnations.


Photograph of Pastel Blush

Pastel Blush

A selection of pretty Spray Carnations in pink and lilac alongside white Freesias.


Photograph of Scarlet Flame

Scarlet Flame

Red Roses, Calla Lily, fiery red & orange Germini and yellow Solidago.


Photograph of Butterfly Bliss

Butterfly Bliss

Colourful Carnations, delicate scented Freesia and keepsake butterfly picks.


Photograph of Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom

Pale pink Lilies, pink Carnations, white Freesias and pink Gypsophila.


Photograph of Cherry Blossom Large

Cherry Blossom Large

Asiatic Lilies, Carnations and Freesias in delicate shades of white and pink.


Photograph of Golden Embers

Golden Embers

A beautiful bouquet in Autumn colours featuring Lilies, Germini and Solidago.


Photograph of Golden Sunshine

Golden Sunshine

A vibrant collection of Carnations and Alstroemeria in yellow and peach shades.


Photograph of Fairytale


A beautiful feminine bouquet featuring pale pink Roses and exquisite Oriental Lilies.


Photograph of Butterfly Birthday Gift

Butterfly Birthday Gift

Freesias and Carnations with jewelled butterfly picks and a mini chocolate cake.


Photograph of Birthday Gift For Her

Birthday Gift For Her

A gift bag with Aqua Roses and pink Germini alongside a birthday chocolate cake.


Photograph of Spray Cascade

Spray Cascade

A pretty display of 14 multi-headed Spray Carnations in mixed colours.


Photograph of Birthday Flower Gift

Birthday Flower Gift

A miniature Happy Birthday cake and a bouquet of 14 mixed Spray Carnations.


Photograph of Harvest Festival

Harvest Festival

A delicate yet bold display featuring Calla Lilies, Spray Roses and orange Roses.


Photograph of Amber Delight

Amber Delight

A seasonal display of Upper Class Red Roses, 'Fire Flash' Spray Roses and Calla Lily.


Photograph of Monthly Flower Gifts

Monthly Flower Gifts

A beautiful bouquet delivered every month for 3, 6 or 12 months. Prices from £16.99.


Photograph of Prosecco


A collection of wonderful white Roses, Phlox and Lisianthus with cream Snapdragon.


Photograph of Prosecco Gift Set

Prosecco Gift Set

An elegant white bouquet and a bottle of Prosecco feature in this special gift.


Photograph of Autumn Roses

Autumn Roses

A striking display of Roses in red, yellow and orange displayed in a decorative holder.


Photograph of Auburn Fall

Auburn Fall

Red Asiatic Lily and bright orange Germini finished with a selection of Chrysanthemums.


Photograph of Autumn Freesias & Roses

Autumn Freesias & Roses

Gorgeous pebble-orange Roses and deep red Freesias, complimented by red Oak Leaf.


Photograph of Autumn Sunset

Autumn Sunset

An autumnal collection of Upper Class Red Roses, Spray Roses and Chrysanthemums.


Photograph of Maple Wonder

Maple Wonder

A modern take on an autumn classic including Asiatic Lily, Roses and Oak leaves.


Photograph of Gin & Tonic Bouquet

Gin & Tonic Bouquet

White Roses, Phlox and Asiatic Lily with Chrysanthemum and Lucky Bamboo.


Photograph of Red Roses and Prosecco

Red Roses and Prosecco

A dozen Upper Class red Roses with a 20cl bottle of Prosecco Vino Spumante.


Photograph of Picasso and Prosecco

Picasso and Prosecco

A luxurious hand-tied bouquet delivered with a 20cl bottle of Prosecco.


Photograph of Romantic Bear Gift

Romantic Bear Gift

A romantic treat with a teddy, Prosecco, single Rose & chocolate tasting set


Photograph of Teddy, Rose and Chocolates

Teddy, Rose and Chocolates

A chocolate tasting set, teddy bear and single red Rose are included in this romantic gift.


Photograph of Marshmallow


Nine beautiful Asiatic Lilies in shades of pink and white.


Photograph of Rose & Lily Bouquet

Rose & Lily Bouquet

A beautiful collection of pink Roses and exquisite L'or du Roselily Isabella lilies.


Photograph of Raspberry Gin Gift

Raspberry Gin Gift

Pink Roses and exquisite headed lilies with a bottle of Foxdenton Raspberry Gin liqueur.


Photograph of Honeybee


Eye-catching Sunflowers complemented by white Sweet William and Matricaria.


Photograph of Freesias and Roses

Freesias and Roses

A classic pairing of pure white Freesias and lilac Roses with Panicum grass.


Photograph of Sunshine Delight

Sunshine Delight

A seasonal display of vibrant orange Germini, Lilies and summer Carnations.


Photograph of Lilac Sorbet

Lilac Sorbet

Avalanche Roses, purple Carnations and lavender Alstroemeria in a purple gift bag.


Photograph of Parisian Romance

Parisian Romance

A summer bouquet featuring Roses, Freesias, and Snapdragon in shades of lavender.


Photograph of Sweet Rose Gin Gift

Sweet Rose Gin Gift

A beautiful selection of Autumn Roses with a set of miniature flavoured Gins.


Photograph of Grace


Hot pink Freesias and white Athena Roses accompanied by Green Bell Thlaspi.


Photograph of Florence


Avalanche Roses, two-tone Lisianthus and Aster star in this letterbox friendly gift.


Photograph of Isabella


A collection of beautiful Roses in orange, white and pink with fiery Spray Roses.


Photograph of Paris


Twelve long stemmed Gladioli, Delphinium and Longiflorum Lilies in a zinc vase.


Photograph of Miami


Twelve long stemmed Gladioli in beautiful summer shades delivered with a zinc vase.


Photograph of Vienna


Seven elegant white long stemmed Longiflorum Lilies delivered with a zinc vase.


Photograph of Vintage Garden

Vintage Garden

A wonderful combination of Fifth Avenue Roses, Spray Roses, Snapdragon and Aster.


Photograph of Sweet Violet

Sweet Violet

Avalanche Roses, Lisianthus and Freesias in delicate shades of purple and white.


Photograph of Sweet Daisies

Sweet Daisies

A beautiful selection of Germini Daisies in yellow, baby pink, cream and white.


Photograph of Violet


A beautiful combination of white and lavender Freesias with by Thlapsi Green Bell.


Photograph of Emma


White Freesias, pink and lilac Spray Carnations in letterbox friendly packaging.


Photograph of Rhubarb Gin Gift

Rhubarb Gin Gift

A gorgeous selection of Roses with a 35cl bottle of Rhubarb Gin liqueur.


Photograph of Flamingo Diffuser Gift Set

Flamingo Diffuser Gift Set

Asiatic Lilies, Carnations and Freesias alongside a Hisbiscus & Prosecco diffuser.


Photograph of Baby Boy Gift

Baby Boy Gift

This newborn baby gift features a stunning bouquet, cute elephant teddy and miniloon.


Photograph of Luxury Baby Girl Gift

Luxury Baby Girl Gift

Welcome a new baby girl with a luxurious bouquet, elephant teddy and miniloon.


Photograph of Romantic Gift Set

Romantic Gift Set

12 Upper Class red Roses with a 20cl bottle of Prosecco and Divine chocolate hearts.


Photograph of Fifth Avenue

Fifth Avenue

Six beautiful 'Fifth Avenue' Roses alongside an 'Isabella' double flowered Roselily.


Photograph of Lucky Bamboo Bouquet

Lucky Bamboo Bouquet

Three Lucky Bamboo with red Cordyline, Panicum Grass and Eucalyptus.


Photograph of Autumn Lilies

Autumn Lilies

A fabulous arrangement of Asiatic Lilies in orange, yellow and red autumnal colours.


Photograph of Mulberry Blossom

Mulberry Blossom

A gorgeous arrangement bursting with feminine pink and purple shades.


Photograph of Natasha


Ten stems of pink Natasha Orchids in letterbox friendly packaging.


Photograph of Flowers and Chocolates Gift

Flowers and Chocolates Gift

A beautiful selection of Alstroemeria and Carnations with Divine milk chocolates.


Photograph of Happy Birthday Gift

Happy Birthday Gift

White Freesias, mixed Spray Carnations, Gypsophila and a miniature Birthday cake.


Photograph of Pink Confetti Gift Set

Pink Confetti Gift Set

A simple yet elegant collection of 15 long-lasting single Carnations, delivered with 100g Chocolate Pastilles


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