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The great thing about our gift bag bouquets is they create an instant display with no vase needed. They are ideal for busy new mums, loved ones in hospital or friends that just aren't that good at flower arranging! They are all presented in adorable gift bags and sit in a water cube to keep them hydrated.
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Photograph of Oriental Orchids

Oriental Orchids

An exotic collection of delicate Dendrobium Orchids in vibrant fuchsia.


Photograph of Fragrant Freesias

Fragrant Freesias

20 sweet-smelling Dutch Freesia in mixed colours with greenery.


Photograph of 24 Red Roses

24 Red Roses

Two dozen elegant luxury red Roses with Eucalyptus leaf greenery.


Photograph of Flowers for a Year

Flowers for a Year

Send a beautiful bouquet every month for a year and save 15% on standard prices.


Photograph of Pink Confetti

Pink Confetti

An elegant collection of 15 long-lasting Carnations in pink and cream shades.


Photograph of Simply Alstroemeria

Simply Alstroemeria

A great value selection of 12 Alstroemeria in two-tone pink and white.


Photograph of Thank You Mum Gift

Thank You Mum Gift

Pink Spray Carnations and Alstroemeria with a tub of Belgian milk chocolate truffles.


Photograph of 12 Classic Carnations

12 Classic Carnations

12 long-lasting single Carnations in mixed colours. Guaranteed to last two weeks.


Photograph of Picasso


White Avalanche Roses, Moonlight Carnations and purple-centred Calla Lilies.


Photograph of Simply Pink Gift Bag

Simply Pink Gift Bag

A ready-to-display pink gift bag featuring pink Aqua Roses, Germini and Carnations.


Photograph of Iris and Freesias

Iris and Freesias

A fragrant and colourful arrangement of blue Iris alongside white and yellow Freesia.


Photograph of Raspberry Ripple

Raspberry Ripple

A perfectly pink bouquet made up of Roses and Tulips, with a Lily as a centrepiece.


Photograph of Sweet Sorbet

Sweet Sorbet

A collection of Carnations and Alstroemeria in pastel hues with white Gypsophila.


Photograph of 12 Red Roses

12 Red Roses

A dozen premium 'Rhodos' red Roses with Eucalyptus. The perfect gift to send with love.


Photograph of Berry Charm

Berry Charm

A charming arrangement of Freesias and Spray Carnations in lilac, purple and white.


Photograph of Spring Roses

Spring Roses

A gorgeous selection of springtime Roses in yellow, pink and white with Wax Flower.


Photograph of Happy Birthday Gift

Happy Birthday Gift

White Freesias, mixed Spray Carnations, Gypsophila and a miniature Birthday cake.


Photograph of Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom

Pale pink Lilies, pink Carnations, white Freesias and pink Gypsophila.


Photograph of Birthday Gift For Her

Birthday Gift For Her

A gift bag with Aqua Roses and pink Germini alongside a birthday chocolate cake.


Photograph of Lilac Haze

Lilac Haze

A beautiful bouquet with white 'Athena' Roses, lavender Freesias and Veronica.


Photograph of Spray Cascade

Spray Cascade

A pretty display of 14 multi-headed Spray Carnations in mixed colours.


Photograph of Birthday Flower Gift

Birthday Flower Gift

A miniature Happy Birthday cake and a bouquet of 14 mixed Spray Carnations.


Photograph of Spring Garden

Spring Garden

Blue Iris, lavender Roses, Freesias and white Chrysanthemums.


Photograph of Freesias and Tulips

Freesias and Tulips

A wonderful arrangement of white Freesia, yellow Tulips and yellow Ginster leaf.


Photograph of Marvellous Mum

Marvellous Mum

A beautiful selection of lavender, pink and purple Tulips with crisp white Freesias.


Photograph of Marvellous Mum Chocolate Gift

Marvellous Mum Chocolate Gift

A pretty collection of blooms joined by a mini 'Happy Mother's Day' chocolate pizza.


Photograph of Monthly Flower Gifts

Monthly Flower Gifts

A beautiful bouquet delivered every month for 3, 6 or 12 months. Prices from £20.


Photograph of Prosecco


An elegant arrangement of white Avalanche Roses, Lisianthus and Freesias.


Photograph of Picasso and Prosecco

Picasso and Prosecco

A luxurious hand-tied bouquet delivered with a 20cl bottle of Prosecco.


Photograph of Rose and Lily Bouquet

Rose and Lily Bouquet

A beautiful collection of pink Roses and exquisite L'or du Roselily Isabella lilies.


Photograph of Raspberry Gin Gift

Raspberry Gin Gift

Pink Roses and exquisite headed lilies with a bottle of Foxdenton Raspberry Gin liqueur.


Photograph of Freesias and Roses

Freesias and Roses

A classic pairing of pure white Freesias and lilac Roses with Panicum grass.


Photograph of Florence


White Athena Roses, two-tone Lisianthus and Aster star in this letterbox friendly gift.


Photograph of Natasha


Ten stems of pink Dendrobium Orchids in letterbox friendly packaging.


Photograph of Pink Confetti Gift Set

Pink Confetti Gift Set

A simple collection of 15 long-lasting Carnations with 100g chocolate pastilles.


Photograph of Roses and Iris

Roses and Iris

A beautiful collection of yellow Roses and blue Iris with scented white Ginster.


Photograph of Daydream


Bring a little sunshine indoors with this vibrant arrangement in shades of yellow and white.


Photograph of Unicorn Bliss

Unicorn Bliss

Brighten up a loved ones home with these beautiful blooms in shades of pink.


Photograph of Naiyana


A letterbox friendly collection of ten exotic Dendrobium Orchids in fuchsia colour.


Photograph of Oriana


A sunny collection of Carnations and Alstroemeria in letterbox friendly packaging.


Photograph of Sunshine Delight

Sunshine Delight

A bright and sunny collection of yellow & white Carnations and yellow Alstroemeria.


Photograph of Pink Blush

Pink Blush

A beautiful collection of Spray Carnations and Alstroemeria in shades of pink.


Photograph of Charlotte


A collection of pink Spray Carnations and Alstroemeria in letterbox friendly packaging.


Photograph of Spring Daisies

Spring Daisies

A gorgeous collection of Germini Daisies in a ready-to-display pink rattan frame.


Photograph of Country Meadow

Country Meadow

Lavender Roses, Freesias and Tulips in a bouquet inspired by country gardens.


Photograph of Peach Melba

Peach Melba

Delicate peach Roses and Spray Roses with cream Stocks, apricot Statice and Lisianthus.


Photograph of Florist's Choice Chic

Florist's Choice Chic

A lovely hand tied bouquet of beautiful, fresh blooms at the best price.


Photograph of Florist's Choice Luxe

Florist's Choice Luxe

A luxury hand tied bouquet of fresh, seasonal blooms at the best price.


Photograph of Florist's Choice Grande

Florist's Choice Grande

An exquisite hand tied bouquet of fresh, contemporary blooms at the best price.


Photograph of Prosecco Flower Gift

Prosecco Flower Gift

Roses, Lisianthus and Freesias joined by Phlox, Stocks and Matricaria Daisies.


Photograph of Rainbow Flutter

Rainbow Flutter

A selection of Carnations and Freesias with rainbow Gypsophila and jewelled butterflies.


Photograph of Laura


Athena Roses paired with lavender Freesias and scented stems of Eucalyptus.


Photograph of Molly Mae

Molly Mae

A letterbox friendly display of seasonal Spray Roses, Lisianthus and more.


Photograph of Rainbow Galaxy

Rainbow Galaxy

A collection of Roses, Alstroemeria and Carnations with fun 'rainbow' Gypsophila.


Photograph of White Orchids

White Orchids

A beautiful collection of crisp white Dendrobium Orchids.


Photograph of Spring Roses Gin Gift

Spring Roses Gin Gift

A gorgeous selection of springtime Roses in yellow, pink and white with Wax Flower.


Photograph of Spring Sunshine

Spring Sunshine

White Avalanche Roses with yellow and white Freesias, Tulips and Phlox.


Photograph of Spring Tulips

Spring Tulips

A beautiful collection of 20 pastel coloured Tulips from Amsterdam.


Photograph of Birthday Pizza Gift

Birthday Pizza Gift

A collection of yellow and white blooms with a mini 'Happy Birthday' chocolate pizza.


Photograph of Iris


A collection of 20 blue Iris accompanied by Pussy Willow in letterbox friendly packaging.


Photograph of Gabriella


A beautiful collection of 20 pastel Tulips in letterbox friendly packaging.


Photograph of Be Mine Bear Gift

Be Mine Bear Gift

A soft brown teddy bear, heart shaped chocolate pralines and a single red Rose.


Photograph of Pink and White Oriental Orchids

Pink and White Oriental Orchids

A gorgeous oriental bouquet of exotic Dendrobium Orchids in pink and white.


Photograph of Lavender Dream

Lavender Dream

A gorgeous collection that is perfect for letting a special someone know you care.


Photograph of Spring Empress

Spring Empress

Scented Stocks, Avalanche Roses, Germini, Lisianthus and Wax Flower.


Photograph of Fairy Blossom

Fairy Blossom

A ready to display arrangement of Dutch Tulips with Carnations and Roses.


Photograph of Spring Whisper

Spring Whisper

This classic bouquet consists of luxurious Fifth Avenue Roses and Dutch Tulips.


Photograph of Fairytale


A collection of pink 'Hermosa' Roses with stunning 'L'or du Roselily Isabella' Lilies.


Photograph of Spring Sensations

Spring Sensations

A bright and colourful arrangement that is sure to make your loved one smile!


Photograph of Rose and Daisy

Rose and Daisy

A vibrant fuschia display featuring Aqua Roses, Lisianthus and Germini.


Photograph of Lemon Drop

Lemon Drop

An elegant cream bouquet of Avalanche Roses, Lisianthus and Antirrhinum.


Photograph of Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

This pretty pink bouquet is filled with beautiful blooms, including Hermosa Roses.


Photograph of Vibrant Spring

Vibrant Spring

This bouquet has everything from Carnations and Roses to stems of Limonium.


Photograph of Ethereal Beauty

Ethereal Beauty

This gorgeous arrangement has an ethereal feel, filled with Stocks and Roses.


Photograph of Rose Garden

Rose Garden

A wildly beautiful bouquet filled with peach and pink Roses and Lisianthus.


Photograph of Mother's Day Cake Gift

Mother's Day Cake Gift

A beautiful collection of Spray Carnations with a miniature Mother's Day fruit cake.


Photograph of Mother's Day Candle Gift

Mother's Day Candle Gift

A collection of Alstroemeria and Carnations with a Mother's Day scented candle.


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