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Bunches Boxes

Oriental Orchids and Packing

Our individually designed boxes ensure your beautiful gift arrives
in perfect condition and our special Bunches flower food &
care tips guarantee maximum vase life....

When you place your order with Bunches, we know that you are placing trust in us to successfully deliver your chosen gift to your loved one, and we take this responsibility very seriously.

Gift giving is personal and special, so we spend a lot of time ensuring that your gift not only leaves us in tip top condition, but also that it arrives with the recipient in the same condition as it left us. All of our boxes are printed with lovely attractive designs, but most importantly they are designed with one function in mind - to protect your flowers during transit.

One of our Boxes

Instead of using a 'one size fits all' approach with our boxes, we have designed our boxes in many different sizes which depend on the the type of bouquet they will be transporting; this ensures that the contents are kept snug and secure during the length of their journey.

Our delivery partners do a fantastic job, however we do have to assume that sometimes our boxes may go through a bit of rough and tumble during transit. We ensure that our flowers will remain looking beautiful after a potentially bumpy journey in a lorry or a van. Each box acts as a cocoon for your flowers, meaning that your special gift will surprise and delight the recipient upon its arrival.

Unopened and opened bunches boxes

"..each unique box acts as a cocoon for your
flowers to guarantee that your special gift
will surprise and delight upon arrival."

Our poor flower complaint rate and the amazing feedback we receive from customers is testament to not only our fantastic product development, quality control and production teams but also our strong and well designed gift boxes.

For every 1000 bouquets we send out, we only receive 8 complaints about the quality of our flowers and every complaint is subject to our 'no quibble guarantee', which means that we will either resend your flowers or offer a refund. We always do what we can to make you happy - we are in the business of creating smiles after all!

Our boxes are also 100% recyclable, meaning that they help make the environment happy too.

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Customer Feedback

Thank you for the flowers that were delivered to me for Mother's Day, they were lovely, and they lasted over 3 weeks. I was very impressed with the delivery and how lovely they looked for the whole three weeks. Thanks again!

Alison Ensor

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