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  • Author: Tristan

    5 Flowers to find for October!

    - By Tristan on October 02, 2017, 0 comments

    October is the perfect time to remove old growth to get plants into shape.

    Keep in mind, though, that with winter ahead, autumn pruning is only advisable for reliably hardy plants. 

    Take a look at five types of plant to prune in October, below. 



    Many plants that have played a star role in borders over the summer will need tidying up by the autumn. Cut back dead stems and top growth to avoid fungal diseases setting in. However, you could leave plants that have attractive seed heads over winter. 


    Cane Fruit

    If you haven't prune out the old stems on summer fruiting raspberries, do so now and tie in the new canes for next year's crop. Once they've finished fruiting, all the canes of autumn fruiting raspberries can be cut down anytime between now and February.


     Sambucus can be pruned while dormant from autumn, once the leaves have fallen, through to winter. Remove old, weak shoots and congested growth. 


    Newly Planted Trees & Shrubs

    Autumn is a good time to prune young plants so that they are shaped correctly from the outset. Formative pruning is especially important for trees, to ensure a good framework.

    Ornamental Trees

    Trees such as acers and sorbus provide beautiful autumn colour as the borders begin to fade. Once the leaves have fallen prune ornamental trees while dormant, during autumn and early winter.

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