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So much is happening here at Bunches from one day to the next and now you can read all about it in our blog.
Updated regularly, read on for funny anecdotes, stories about working amongst the wonderful world of flowers and plants and see photos of us all behinds the scenes and more...

  • Author: Deb

    Regal Roses

    - By Deb on October 29, 2014

    Roses are probably one of the most popular flowers today due to their use throughout history within art and poetry and have been referenced many times by William Shakespeare in his plays. In his famous play Romeo and Juliet he says: 'That which we call a Rose by any other name would smell as sweet' and that is certainly true. Derived from the Latin name 'Rosa', the Rose is a b...

  • It's that time of year already - the time of year when we get to unveil our fabulous festive flowers to all our lovely customers! It has been so much fun creating this new Christmas range for you, our in-house product designer Aga has done a truly marvellous job with her festive creations and we have had a great time coming up with fantastic Christmassy names for them all. Within our new Chris...

  • Author: Deb

    Scented flowers

    - By Deb on October 23, 2014

    Flowers are beautiful to look at and are perfect for brightening up the home or the mood on a gloomy day. A burst of colour and a creative display can help to put a smile on the face of anyone! But as well as being a treat for the eye, many flowers can appeal to the nose, too and awaken our senses to the fantastic and alluring scents that they can provide.           S...

  • Author: Deb

    Bouquet of the Month - Pumpkin Patch

    - By Deb on October 21, 2014

    A spectacular display of autumn shades, the Pumpkin Patch bouquet is a seasonal favourite and you can certainly see why - the mixture of orange, red and yellow colours within this arrangement complement each other perfectly, bringing all the beauty of autumn indoors. Featuring an eye-catching Cabbage Flower surrounded by three beautiful Upper Class red Roses and a combination of orange Ger...

  • Author: Deb

    Britain in Bloom Finals

    - By Deb on October 16, 2014

    The Britain in Bloom scheme, organised by the Royal Horticultural Society, is an all year round event open to communities of all sizes to take part in and the results of the competition are due to be announced today! The scheme is a great initiative which has been running since 1963 and it encourages communities to show off their horticultural achievements, assessing them in three main areas: Hort...