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So much is happening here at Bunches from one day to the next and now you can read all about it in our blog.
Updated regularly, read on for funny anecdotes, stories about working amongst the wonderful world of flowers and plants and see photos of us all behinds the scenes and more...

  • Author: Tristan

    Easter Facebook Competition

    - By Tristan on March 31, 2009

    I would like to announce the start of a month long competition exclusive to our friends over on Facebook to celebrate the Easter period. We love seeing our flowers making people's days and as such we would like to see you tagging us ('Bunches Florapost') in your photos of our flower bouquets which you have sent or received from Bunches.We will be judging your snaps and looking for which one w...

  • Author: Tristan

    Did you know?

    - By Tristan on March 27, 2009

    Not only are Peace Lilies a beautiful long lasting house plant they are also excellent at improving the air quality. A peace lily removes formaldehyde, benzine and carbon monoxide from the air. Who would have known that one of our favorite household plants are also doing their bit at fighting air pollution!...

  • Author: Tristan

    Mother's Day Madness

    - By Tristan on March 19, 2009

    Mum's are fabulous, so it's no wonder we have a day in our calendar to celebrate how great they are…and we think, although we are a little bias, that a gorgeous bouquet of flowers is the perfect way to show mum how special she is. It's not just us at Bunches HQ though who think this, so many of you, our lovely customers, are sending your Mum's beautiful Bunches of appreciation. Yesterday was...

  • Author: Tristan

    Do something funny for money....

    - By Tristan on March 13, 2009

    Staff dressed up today to support Comic Relief which we think is a great cause! Everybody contributed a few pounds to help  funds projects across the UK, Africa and throughout some of the world's poorest countries. I'm sure you'll have a giggle looking at some of our pictures!...

  • Author: Tristan

    Joining the Bunches Family!

    - By Tristan on March 06, 2009

    I recently joined Bunches and have spent a few days being introduced to staff and learning about the business. I'm so impressed with how passionate the staff are. Every process from the initial order being taken down to the elastic band wrapped around the flowers is done with care ensuring that the customer receives their beautiful bouquet in perfect condition. I can see why customers keep coming ...