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So much is happening here at Bunches from one day to the next and now you can read all about it in our blog.
Updated regularly, read on for funny anecdotes, stories about working amongst the wonderful world of flowers and plants and see photos of us all behinds the scenes and more...

  • Author: Tristan

    Creating Smiles

    - By Tristan on January 29, 2010

    At Bunches we love to deliver beautiful flowers that make a difference to people's days but we also love to make a real difference to those that are far less fortunate than us. So during Christmas we partnered with DCI Trust to feed 5,000 of the world's poorest in: Liberia, Uganda, Haiti, Lira, Amazon, Peru, Cuba and The Andes. We feel very privileged to be able to be a part of something so brilli...

  • Author: Chris

    Another Beech Boys Update

    - By Chris on January 22, 2010

    A quick update: The Beech Boys' Atlantic Row challenge for Water Aid is now underway with the pair now well on their way on their transatlantic row. You can keep up with them on their Transatlantic Blog where the boys have been posting daily updates of their epic journey. ...

  • Author: Tristan

    The Power of Flowers!

    - By Tristan on January 15, 2010

    At Bunches we've always known that flowers are good for you, but now we have the scientific report to prove it! At the beginning of last year, some hospitals decided to ban flowers in wards due to claims that they harboured bacteria, creating an unhealthy environment. However, a new report published by the British Medical Journal in December has shown that flowers are actually beneficial to patien...

  • Author: Tristan


    - By Tristan on January 13, 2010

    We have made another extra available today to add to your bouquets: Butterflies! You can now add three of these 'Cute Hand-made Butterflies' to your flowers on the extras page when placing your order for just £1.99.Remember that you can let us know any suggestions for products and extras on our Facebook Page....

  • Author: Tristan

    Like Father Like Daughter

    - By Tristan on January 11, 2010

    I'm incredibly embarrassed by this picture but at the same time am sharing it with you because I think it's hilarious, particularly my fringe! Back in our Autumn edition of Petal Post we did an interview with my Dad, Erik Hoving, about starting up Bunches and we pictured him under a Red and White umbrella. The Umbrella wasn't a random choice of prop but was chosen because 21 years ago my Mum and D...