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  • Author: Deb

    Bunches Floral Gift Sets

    - By Deb on August 28, 2015

    A Bunches floral gift set arrangement will make the perfect extra special gift to send to a loved one if you wish to add on some little treats to accompany your bouquet of flowers. All of our gift sets include a beautiful bouquet of flowers accompanied by thoughtful items such as mini birthday cakes, teddy bears, luxurious chocolates and mini balloons. The Graduation Flower Gift is a ...

  • Author: Deb

    The Nation's favourite wildflower

    - By Deb on August 25, 2015

    Plantlife are an organisation with the aim to raise the profile of wildflowers within the UK and recently they conducted a survey to find out the nation's favourite wildflower. Members of the public voted from a shortlist of flowers and the results showed that England's favourite wildflower is the Bluebell, while the Primrose is the favourite of Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. L...

  • Author: Deb

    Protecting our bees

    - By Deb on August 20, 2015

    The gentle hum of bees buzzing around the garden is a common summer sound and it is lovely to see the little creatures visiting the flowers in your garden in search of pollen. Copwright wikipedia.org  As well as being a welcome sight in the garden during the summer  months bees are also an extremely vital part of our environment and  eco-systems, with a third of all o...

  • Author: Deb

    Bouquet of the month - Grace

    - By Deb on August 18, 2015

    If you are looking to send a beautiful and long-lasting arrangement to someone special during August then look no further than our bouquet of the month, the gorgeous Grace arrangement. Exquisite Calla Lilies in a colour of deep purple, pink Aqua Roses and pretty pink Lisianthus are joined by stems of pink snap dragon flowers, an array of white Stallion Chrysanthemums and pink Farida Carnations....

  • Author: Deb

    Why the sunshine makes us happy

    - By Deb on August 13, 2015

    When warmer days start to occur, the longer hours of daylight usually seem to motivate us to do more with our time, spending the majority of it outdoors enjoying the sunshine. The feeling of sunshine on our skin, the relaxing sounds of nature and the joy of just being able to enjoy the great outdoors without having to resort to layers of clothing and an umbrella in case it rains are all factors as...