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So much is happening here at Bunches from one day to the next and now you can read all about it in our blog.
Updated regularly, read on for funny anecdotes, stories about working amongst the wonderful world of flowers and plants and see photos of us all behinds the scenes and more...

  • Author: Dan

    Name that tune?

    - By Dan on August 23, 2010

    "Its time to play the music, its time to light the lights, its time to raise the curtain..." So began the opening credits to a famous TV show, crammed with colourful characters. So then, the perfect theme for the Bunches office! That's right, the day is finally here. After months of planning and what seems like several tons of chocolate eaten, Moko (our little brother company) is all systems go...

  • Author: Tristan

    The perfect finishing touch...

    - By Tristan on August 19, 2010

    We have recently launched an exciting new range of 'add-on' gifts to give your bouquet the perfect finishing touch! Best selling favourites including birthday cakes and teddy bears have been joined with other keepsake gifts including jewelled oriental butterfly picks, contemporary sprayed birch decoration and new design handmade cards. All gifts are now available online, with prices starting f...

  • Author: Tristan

    Beginners guide to Houseplants

    - By Tristan on August 13, 2010

    It's probably no surprise that we have lots of plants in the Bunches office - they are a great way of brightening up your home or desk (especially during the so-called British summertime!) As I discovered this week with the sad loss of the marketing office Calla Lilly plant, even with the best intentions (and lots of watering) many plants simply don't survive if they have been given the wrong envi...

  • Author: Tristan

    Thanks a Bunch!

    - By Tristan on August 10, 2010

    The Bunches office is suspiciously quiet at the moment, and there are lots of foreign sweet treats in the canteen which can only mean that the holiday season is now in full swing! Thousands of people will be jetting off abroad for some guaranteed sunshine or enjoying a U.K 'staycation' over the next few weeks. We all look forward to a much needed break this time of year, and often rely on friends...