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We deliver happiness.

Bunches' production team
The Bunches production team

That might sound a little idealistic but it's the reason we get out of bed in the morning.

At Bunches we believe that business can and should have a positive impact. Bunches doesn't exist simply to create profits. We want to make a difference to people and to our world.

Our values haven't changed since we started selling flowers under an umbrella back in 1989. Bunches is family-owned, so we're all about relationships, whether that be with our customers, suppliers or our staff. We have the pleasure of selling a product that brings joy to others and aim to do so fairly and to the highest standards.

Our Customer Support manager, Jess
Our customer support team are here to take your call

Bunches has always been committed to giving a minimum of 10% of profits to working with the poor either in the UK or largely in the developing world. As far as we're concerned this doesn't just mean signing a cheque and then walking away. We are actively involved in deciding how these funds are managed and providing other, practical support too.

We do everything under the same roof, this means all of our staff members are trained to Bunches' high standards, from our production team who are responsible for packing and quality-checking your flowers, to our friendly customer support team who are there to answer any questions you may have. They're all an integral part of the Bunches family!

Of course, we're not perfect and we know we're never going to be. It's really important that we understand this because when we're aware that we've not got everything right we can look for ways to improve. We want to get better. Constantly.

Sandra arranging flowers in Mansfield shopping centre
Sandra Hoving arranging flowers to sell in a local shopping centre (1989)

Over 10 million bouquets ago, beneath an umbrella in Mansfield, Erik and Sandra Hoving started selling flowers. They knew they wanted to do something unique so started by speaking to customers to find out what they really wanted. It didn't take too long before the idea of postal flowers blossomed.

We started working with the Post Office in 1990 dispatching a grand total of 5 bouquets in that first week. We've been sending flowers out by post ever since and still talk to our customers constantly. It's a model that has stood the test of time. Lots of people have since copied us which we find quite flattering really.

Sandra and Erik under an umbrella at the Post Office trade show
Sandra and Erik at the Post Office trade show

Around the turn of the millennium we took the decision to try our hand online and by 2004 it was pretty obvious this was a good decision!

Since those first web sales we've built our own HQ and extended it twice, we've won a number of awards and been visited by royalty. We still like to do things a bit differently and all Bunches bouquets are designed and dispatched by our own passionate team. You can also call and speak to us too, or email, or use live chat if you prefer.

Today Bunches is run by the next generation of the family (Dani took the reins in 2006, her husband Dan in 2012). Our values haven't changed since those umbrella days though. We're still listening to customers who trust us with their important occasions. We take that responsibility seriously!

Since 1989 when we first started selling our beautiful blooms, the dream has always been to create something positive. Placing your order with us doesn't just end there, you are part of something bigger. Every order helps to make a difference.

We believe that Bunches is a blessing, not just a business. For this reason, each year we donate a minimum of 10% of our profits to charitable projects close to our hearts, both in the UK and abroad.

For many years our key partner has been Links International - together we have worked to develop farms and medical projects, provide fresh water and support education. While not every project has flourished, we have learned lots of lessons and seen thousands of lives improved along the way.

We believe sustainable freedom from poverty is about giving people a hand up, not a handout. Micro-enterprise development is one way we can give such a hand up. We support many micro-enterprise projects in Malawi through our partner Links International.

Money is donated to give training to a local community group, who then provide loans to people, enabling them to create their own sustainable mini-businesses. Once the original loan is repaid, the money is recycled, giving others the same opportunity.

We have supported nearly 1000 micro-enterprise development projects in Malawi. These projects achieve so much more than simply providing income for food, clothing and education. They empower, restore dignity, and ensure sustainable relief from poverty.

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Our charity work links closely with our desire to be a sustainable business. Our long-term goal is to be plastic-free, and every day we make a conscious effort to continue to work towards this goal, whether that be researching innovative means of packaging, or working with suppliers who share our values. We choose every day to be mindful of protecting the world we live in and the people in it.

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Who'd have thought selling flowers could lead to such adventures?

Whilst delivering happiness is our number one priority, we want to accompany this with our commitment to making a difference, to both the world we live in and the people in it.

We feel as a business, we have a responsibility to ensure that we work with farms who adopt the best agricultural practices, monitor costs and savings, and improve processes. This helps us manage the environmental impacts of flower farming, as well as ensuring working standards remain high.

Many of our blooms are sourced from Florverde Sustainable Flowers (FSF) certified farms in regions found in parts of the developing world. This provides us with the opportunity to support members of these communities through trade.

Wherever possible we source our Colombian flowers from FSF certified farms. This unique, voluntary scheme aims to improve workers' quality of life whilst ensuring our growers meet environmental standards, lessening the impact these farms have on our lovely planet.

Florverde farms not only use sustainable resources, but are also mindful of water consumption and emissions, as well as using organic methods of fertilisation and disposing of any waste responsibly.

Workers at FSF farms also benefit:
  • They must be above 18 to be employed
  • Social security coverage is guaranteed
  • They are paid above the local minimum wage
  • Women's rights are protected
Growers are encouraged to support the local community through projects such as:
  • Food security programmes
  • Day care centres
  • Housing subsidies
  • Reforestation activities

Here at Bunches, we choose to be mindful every day of our impact on the planet. Our support of FSF certified flower farms is simply another aspect of our commitment to making a difference.

Picked flowers in Colombia
Flowers growing in Colombia
Flowers just sprouting in a Colombian greenhouse
Flowers being picked and inspected in Colombia